Monday, July 21, 2014

Maddur Vade

'Maddur Vade' needs no introduction. You can have the best and authentic Maddur Vada's at the Maddur  Railway Station.


Chiroti Rava- 2 cups
Rice flour- 1/2 cup
Maida-1/2 cup
Green Chili- 10-12
Ginger grated- 1 tsp
Curry leaves- 8-10
Cashews- 8-10
Khus Khus- 2 tbsp
Onion- 3
Hot oil/ Melted Ghee- 2 tbsp
Oil for deep frying
Salt to taste


Mix all the flours in a bowl and warm the flours in a kadai for 1-2 mins. After it cools down, add salt. Add hot oil/Melted ghee to the flour and mix well. Now add cut onions,green chilies, ginger paste,curry leaves, cashews and mix well. Leave the mixture for 10-15 mins. The water in the onions will leave some water and make the dough soft. Sprinkle water and divide the dough into small equal balls and flatten it on a plastic sheet with a drop of oil or flatten it with your hands.
Heat oil in a kadai. Drop the flattened balls into the oil and fry on medium heat. Turn over and fry until it turns golden color on both sides. It takes 8-10mins for each batch of the vada to be done. It will be crisp on the outside and soft inside.

Serve hot with coconut chutney and enjoy with afternoon tea or coffee.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Dosakai Tovve/ Dal

Dosakai- 1 small
Tuvar dal/ green gram- 1 cup
Lemon juice- 1 tbsp
Salt to taste
Cilantro cut- 1 tsp

For Seasoning:
Oil- 1 tsp
Mustard seeds- 1 tsp
Jeera- 1 tsp
Green chili- 3-4
Ginger - 1/2 inch
Red Chili- 1-2
Curry leaves- 4-5

Pressure cook Tuvar/green gram dal. If using green gram, fry for 1-2 mins before cooking.
Cut the Dosakai into small pieces. Add water and cook it until soft.
Take a pan. Add oil and prepare the seasoning. Add cooked Dosakai, Boiled dal and allow it to boil for 3-5 mins. Add salt and lemon juice. Mix well and top it with cilantro.
Serve with rice or chapati.

Vegetable Pulav

Green chillies- 4 (add more if you want it spicy)
Ginger- 1/2 inch
Mint- 10-12 leaves
Garlic-1-2 clove
Dhania powder- 2 tsp
Kasuri methi- 2 tsp
Kaala jeera-1/2 tsp
Cloves- 1-2
Cinnamon - 1-2
Coconut milk- 1cup
Onion cut- 1 cup
Mixed veg- 1 cup frozen mixed veg 
Basmati Rice-4 cups
Water- 8 cups
Lemon juice- 2 tbsp
Oil- 3 tbsp
Turmeric- 1 tsp
Cashews- 8-10
Salt to taste

Make a paste of green chillies,ginger,mint and garlic. Keep it aside.
Fry cinnamon,cloves and kaala jeera in a drop of oil. Grind along with the green chili,ginger,mint paste.
Take a pan. Add coriander powder,kasuri methi,haldi. Add onion and saute until brown. Now add mixed vegetables,cashews,ground paste and saute for a minute or so. Add Basamati rice directly to the pan and fry for 5 mins. Add salt. Mix well.
Now add 8 cups of water and cook on a medium flame. Add lemon juice after its fully cooked or add lemon juice when the rice is half done. Serve with cucumber raitha or gravy.
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