Thursday, January 20, 2011

Broken Wheat Payasa

"Broken wheat payasa" is a very tasty and healthy sweet dish.


Broken wheat- 1 cup
Milk- 2 cups
Coconut milk-2 cups
Water - 2 cups
Jaggery- 11/2 cups
Cardamom powder- 1 tsp
Cashews- 10-12
Raisins- a handful


Fry the broken wheat with a pinch of ghee until you get the aroma.Let it cool.Wash the broken wheat and add 2 cups of water and pressure cook (3 whistles).Allow it to cool.Fry cashews and raisins in ghee and keep it aside.Meanwhile boil the milk in a saucepan.Add saffron.Add the cooked broken wheat.Stir well.Add powdered Jaggery (you can add more if you want more sweetness to the payasa).Add coconut milk. Bring it to boil.Simmer for a few mins.Add cashews and raisins and cardamom powder.Mix well.
You can serve this dish hot or cold.Cold payasa is more tastier.Enjoy..

P.S.You can make this payasa with just coconut milk also..Then you have to use 4 cups of coconut milk.It tastes awesome.

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