Monday, February 11, 2008

Tomato Thili Saaru/Rasam

Thili Saaru is one of the main dishes of Karnataka.It has proteins(comes from Tuvar dal/Togaribele)and lot of spices in Saarina Pudi. Although there are several varients of Saaru (aka Rasam), Tomato Thili Saaru is one of the main kind and is made daily in many homes in Karnataka.

Tuvar dal/Togaribele-1/2 cup
Tomatoes-2 nos
Rasam powder-1 tsp
Tamarind juice-2-3 tbsp
Jaggery-1 inch piece
Coconut gratings-1tbsp

For seasoning:

Hing-a pinch
curry leaves-4-5

Cook Tuvar Dal in pressure cooker along with water,turmeric,little oil and 2 tomatoes.Take out the tomatoes from the cooked dal.Mash the dal.Grind tomatoes and Coconut gratings in a mixer along with some water.
Add this mixuture to the tuvar dal.Add Tamarind juice,rasam powder,jaggery and salt.
Boil this mixture.Add water to the consistency you like(some may like it thick some may like it thin...Too much thin and watery will not taste good).Heat ghee in a pan and add seasonings.Add this to Rasam.Garnish with coriander leaves.

It tastes good with Rice.You can have Saaru as a drink/soup.It will enliven your spirit. And all the spices in Rasam powder it is good for your stomach. Enjoy!!!


vimmi said...

wow it looks yummy. especially put in the glass like that.

Ramya's Mane Adige said...

Good to see another Kannadiga around!! Saaru is indeed a comfort food... We had bele saaru too, today! Nice pic

LG said...

bele saaru/thili saaru any time anywhere I am always ready :D Good to see another Kannadiga food blogger.

Shisishru said...

Thankyou :)

Rashmi said...

Tried ur thili saaru.. was yummy!! Will for sure enliven our spirit on a cold snowy day.. Thanks for the recipe!


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Santhosh S said...

Hi, thanks for the recipe and the thili saaru taste good. I missed hing because of non availability. I was happy to cook this on Delhi and create bangalore aroma! Kaara was less, adding two to four fresh powder of menasu may taste for it ?
And thanks again for vast variety of recipes:-) anna daato sukhi Bhava!

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